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About Psychotherapy and about Counselling.

These are processes whereby you can explore problematical issues within the context of a safe relationship with your therapist

Psychotherapy and Counselling can help with:

Long standing depression and other mood disorders; anxiety; phobias; relationship problems; insomnia; eating disorders; sleep disturbance; nervousness; psychosomatic disorders such as some stomach or bowel problems; coping with retirement; coping with redundancy; coping with old age.

These problems will improve when you talk through things with your Psychotherapist or your Counsellor on a regular basis over a period of time.

Advances in Neuroscience mean that it can now be shown, through scanning the brain, that certain areas hitherto held back will start to resume their development during successful therapy.

The development of these areas is seen to be arrested when there are problems with the early environment and with the sort of nurturing that (for whatever reason ) might not have been favourable for you.

This is an actual physiological process: a physical change taking place in the brain.
Like a lot of physical healing processes, this is a slow process.

Also it seems that these changes need to take place within the context of a safe relationship with another person.
This seems to be true of most of the higher primates: like ourselves they are born vulnerable, and need to be in relationship with a caretaker for this phase of their development

So therapy does take a little bit of time and commitment on your part.

What benefits can be expected?

You will notice that your mood and your situation improves, and that you are better equipped to make yourself comfortable or to effect change if that is what you need to do.

Once you know yourself and your own nature better, life will be much more as you would like it to be.
You will feel calmer, more in control of your mood and much less stressed than you tend to be at present.

If you live in Central Bath, Bradford on Avon, or indeed any other locations that are nearby, and would like to see if Analytical Psychotherapy could make a difference to your life and facilitate the pursuit of happiness, contact me by phone and leave a message ( and your phone number ) or e-mail me.

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